The real story of Yahoo! Go

Last week at CES all the internet big guys had something to launch. MSFT & MTV are going after the music market, Google learned how to bundle software apps together and Yahoo announced Go. While a lot of blogger attention was paid to those Mountain View guys, I think people missed the real gem about […]

Most exasperating moments of 2005

With the holidays I’m a bit behind in blogging, so this is probably the last “look back on 2005” post out there.   When I look back at this 2005 I see a lot of great and memorable things that have happened in the world, the industry, at my company and for me.   But this post isn’t about […]

Yahoo +

I’m really excited about the news that Josh Schacter and his service are now part of the Yahoo! family. I know that we’ve been talking for a long time about how to work together, and I’m so glad that its come to fruition. I personally believe that harnessing the power of community to help […]

Out of the loop / Reruns

I’ve had a busy few days: my birthday, friends from out of town visiting and now I’m off for Thanksgiving. This is the first week since I’ve been blogging that I’ve missed my goal of posting at least 2 times a week. When I worked in TV, this is the time of the year that […]

A landmark re-opens

Another off-topic post today, but I couldn’t resist (it does involve my old profession though) Today, for the first time in over 20 years, the “Top of the Rock” re-opens in New York City. The “Top of the Rock” is the observation deck on the top floor of 30 Rockefeller Center and since 1933 was […]

If only we could all be this honest…

I’ve begun to read the Signal vs. Noise blog on a regular basis (its on my own My Yahoo!). I find all of the guys there insightful but I particularly look out for Jason Fried’s posts. Today, Jason points out a great thing: Bessemer Venture Partners Anti-Portfolio. BVP isn’t afraid to show how they totally […]

On the field at Wrigley

On the Apprentice this week the winning team got to go on the field of Shea Stadium and play a little baseball with some Mets players. (is that really a reward, couldn’t they have gone to see the Yankees?) Craig mentioned how he thought that’d be a cool thing to do and it reminded me […]