I get to speak at major events, be a guest on podcasts and be interviewed by the press.

Over the years people have invited me to speak at conferences, LGBTQ+ events, podcasts and to speak to the press to share knowledge I've picked up over the years. And sometimes, I get the fun opportunity to just chat about my experience as a San Franciscan, a dad and a traveler. I enjoy meeting people and sharing my experiences in the hope that it helps or connects with other folks.

A World Where Everyone Is Free To Be Themselves – Q.Digital

Collabs.io Mag

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in media but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Scott Gatz, CEO & Founder of Q.Digital, located in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Between Conventions, Scott Gatz

Productivity Alchemy Podcast

Kevin has just finished up All Things Open 2022, and is off to join Ursula at World Fantasy Con, so there isn’t much of an update this week. So we’ll go right into a fantastic talk with Scott Gatz, and find out how he stays productive!

Navigating Your Way To Your Passion and Purpose – Scott Gatz

40 plus Gay Men Gay Talk Podcast

One of the things many gay men struggle with the most is finding their passion and purpose. Landing in that career that truly lights them up. But what if it was as easy as getting clear, taking the first step, being unafraid of change, and then taking the leap? It can be that simple, even though it won’t be easy. Scott Gatz, founder of Q.Digital, the media company behind GayCities, Queerty and LGBTQ Nation, takes us on his journey of navigating his career, fatherhood, and the never ending pursuit of passion and purpose.

How To Market To The LGBTQ Community Successfully with Scott Gatz

Sheryl Plouffe Podcast

As a business owner, it's important to be aware of the different communities you can market to. The LGBTQ community is a large and powerful group, and if you're not marketing to them, you're missing out! In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Scott Gatz Founder of Q.Digital joins the show to share some tips on how to market to the LGBTQ community successfully.

Marketers, Do You Know What’s On Your Block Lists?

Ad Exchanger

It was the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month and a major brand advertiser was sponsoring our Pride coverage, running creative with diverse LGBTQ representation. It was a perfectly executed campaign we were sure would resonate with our audience, except for one problem: People would never see it. The agency’s block list included the keywords “lesbian,” “bisexual,” “transgender” and “queer.”

Top LGBTQ Moments in Advertising

Media Village

Nike terminated its deal with Manny Pacquiao. Adidas shut down homophobic commenters this past Valentine's Day. More and more brands now "get" LGBTQ. These are, indeed, encouraging times. But it wasn't always so.

For LGBT Media Conglomerate Q.Digital, It’s Authentic Content FTW

Ad Exchanger

Brands need to earn the right to advertise directly to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. It’s a matter of credibility, said Albert Thompson, a digital strategist at multicultural marketing agency Walton Isaacson, in charge of the Lexus business.