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This is my old blog which I don't really update much anymore. I do love paging through the old archives, perhaps you will too.

15th Anniversary of 9/11

Fifteen years ago our phone rang, our friend Amanda told us to turn on the TV. The buildings where I worked exactly two years prior were engulfed in flame and smoke. I tried in vain to call my former coworkers. I learned the next day that they had an early conference call that AM that they […]

Review: San Francisco Summer Camps for 6 year olds

So the summer is finally over and our son is off to first grade.  We ended up going to a number of different camps and all were good but some were big hits. JCC Cosmo Kids – We did two weeks of this and they were “just OK”.  They didn’t seem to be as organized […]

San Francisco Summer Camps for 6-7 year olds

We’re just beginning the process of looking for Summer Camps for our Kindergartener.  This is just a post where I can keep track of my notes on potential programs. Tinkering School Tree Frog Treks Camp Edmo: K-1, 2-4, 5-8 Lots of different camps Note: Kids playing in JK park seemed a bit out of control […]

Every feature has some maintenance cost, and having fewer features lets us focus on the ones we care about and make sure they work very well. David Karp via Startup Quote

“As a startup CEO, I slept like a baby. I woke up every two hours & cried.” Made me laugh today: Ben Horowitz

2011 and Stuck on IE 6

This week we had a temp come into the office, so I pulled out an old Windows XP laptop for them to use. However, it had IE 6 on it. I needed to upgrade to IE 8. Easy, right? Nope. Windows Update wasn’t working in IE6. NO UPGRADE. The download link on the IE8 web […]

Quotable: Getting into Harvard…

I’ve long known that getting into the big schools is the hardest part of the experience, but I’ve never looked at it this way: It turns out that merely getting into Harvard is as good an indicator of future success as actually going. It turns out that being the sort of person that can invest […]

Quotable: “garbage inventory from garbage sites”

But — on the agencies spreadsheets — garbage inventory from garbage sites aggregated on garbage networks often shows a lower cost per click. Many web advertisers, even those that buy banners, treat it as a direct marketing medium.For premium media properties such as ours, this is a contest that should be avoided at all costs. […]

Anti-Phishing for dumb spammers

So I got a spam email in my box today where the spammer wrapped the ad in the header/footer of a legit company (I’m seeing a lot more of this lately) so there’s a real corporate logo and real unsubscribe link, but yet it isn’t coming from that company. Well, this spammer actually hotlinked the […]