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I’m really excited about the news that Josh Schacter and his service are now part of the Yahoo! family.

I know that we’ve been talking for a long time about how to work together, and I’m so glad that its come to fruition.

I personally believe that harnessing the power of community to help people discover “what’s out there” is what the internet does best. After all, blogs are a way that people act as human filters to the world’s info. We point people to other posts that are interesting and help people find and discover.

Services like Y! My Web and IMHO have the potential to be the way that everyone shares links. You might not want to blog about it but you might want to save and annotate it. In the future, it’ll be easy for everyone to do this.

Now, I can’t wait to see Josh and all the team here come together to make this all sing.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo +”

  1. Hi Scott, perhaps you can explain how tagging is not going to inevitably end up as useless as the HTML meta tag? As soon as the people who sell cialis and penis extension pills realize that tags are how things are being found online the gig is up.


  2. Erik,

    Will your mother, cousin, and college chum give bad tags? Probably not.

    My bet is that they’ll use the community affect to filter out the bad tags. Knowing your contacts, and their contacts, out to several degrees will help refine these services and maybe make them more relevant. It’ll be interesting to see how this will play out.

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