GayCities plus 1 month

I can’t believe that it has been a whole month since we relaunched GayCities and told the world about it. I want to thank you all for the supportive emails and comments – while it’s hard work building a company, it’s nice to know that people have got my back.

Traffic keeps hitting all-time highs – Since the relaunch we keep having our “best traffic day ever” (this past Saturday hit yet another record). And more importantly, now even the worst traffic day is better than the record high prior to the launch. I like seeing that.

Making progress on the ad front – with our ad network, we pitched and won (and are running) a deal to promote the city of Toronto as a gay friendly destination. It involves sponsorship on the site, media on our site and co-marketing. We’re pitching the idea to a few other cities and a European country. There is a business here 😉

Awaiting an amazing press mention – For our launch we got picked up by the SF Chronicle, TechCrunch (and re-syndicated on the Washington Post) and Inquisitor. Now we’re waiting for an mention to hit in a HUGE publication. I’m super excited about it, but don’t want to Jinx it until I see it in print. Stay tuned…

Starting hiring – The workload has gotten too much to handle, so I’ll be looking to build up the team. Initially I’m looking for a permanent part-time person to handle content updates/community management and for a full time jack-of-all-trades person to help run the business with me.

Thanks again for all the support. The rest of July we’re kicking off some marketing to small business owners, doing more marketing to consumers and setting up meetings with potential investors. It’s gonna be a busy summer.