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It’s very odd that even 6 months after leaving Yahoo, I still get mentioned in the “brain drain” stories, see “Tracking former Yahoo execs” on TechCrunch. I’m honored to be included, I guess implicit in all of the stories is a recognition that I actually accomplished meaningful work while I was there and for that I’m happy. Particularly interesting was being included in the Business Week online article: Bidding Yahoo Adieu. The picked only 18 people, imagine: COO Dan Rosensweig, EVPs Qi Lu and Jeff Wiener, Peanut Butter Exec Brad Garlinghouse and me. Now I only wish I had a fancy headshot for them to use instead of the shot Don took of me when I met him for lunch at Google.

One thought on “Random Press”

  1. Being a mover and shaker in a high profile organization brings with it myriad opportunities to get noticed. I’m not surprised that you are still being “tracked”. It is obvious to me that you left a mark a Yahoo that will be difficult to copy.

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