Quick DHTML/js/CSS help needed

I’m working on a launch for my new business, and while I’ve managed to do all the work myself, from time to time I get stuck and need help. In these times I’ve often turned to Craigslist for a quicky expert. However, in this case, I’m stuck on something relatively small that I know someone out there (maybe you fair reader) can help me with.

Basically, my new site has a header element, that if you click open, it drops down like a drop down menu (floating over the content below) and fills itself with an iframe. Here are some mockups:

Header menu open

If you’re one of those guys/gals that finds this stuff super easy, can you give me a holler? I’ll buy you dinner if you can help me get unstuck (I’d much rather go to dinner than spend cash on a stranger). Comment here or drop me a mail at sgatz AT yahoo

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  1. I’m surprised you need help, you are one of my gourous :op

    I submit to not use IFrame…

    Define one main DIV which contain 2 another DIV (content+tab-button) at end of your source-code (require for float over).
    Set content DIV with display:none CSS attribute. And set its “height” attribute.

    Main DIV may set with position:absolute CSS style (require for float over). Set its “Top” CSS attribute.

    But you will need small script to detect which “Left” to define because you may detect left margin of your main container (related to center align).
    Use this script from Quirksmode :

    And your button-tab just need to set display:block CSS attribute to your content DIV :o)

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