What’s up with Scott?

The last four months since I left Yahoo have been amazing, largely because I threw all my plans out the window and just allowed myself to enjoy the time instead of adding pressure to accomplish something. And the results have been great. So what have I been doing for the last four months?

I got married – Well, technically, Craig and I were “registered as a domestic partner under California state law” (maybe one day it’ll be called marriage). Even though we have been together for 15 years, we thought now would be a great time to make it “legal”. Craig and I spent the better part of the last few months planning a party for a small group of family and friends up in Napa. We had the most amazing weekend, the weather was spectacular, the food & wine was out-of-this-world and most important our closest friends and family joined us and had an amazing time. I wish I could re-live it every weekend.

I’ve been traveling – New York (2 times), Philadelphia, Baltimore, Palm Springs, and tons of weekend time up in Napa. I love to travel and to catch up with old friends, and I’ve been able to do that a bunch. While these trips have been mostly work related (see below), I made sure to add weekend time onto each trip to enjoy some quality time. And when you work on the internet you can work from anywhere. Have laptop…will travel.

Starting my own company – I’ve been working on and off since January on my new company. I’ve taken lots of meetings (including a number of excellent ones about partnerships), gotten lots of good advice and have solid progress on building out the site. It’s been fun and challenging and now that the wedding is over, it’s finally time to work full-time. My next steps: a launch in the next month or so and raising a friends/family/angel round to help prove out the model. More to come soon.

Taking care of myself – I’m finally going to the gym again and I hired a trainer to help me through it all. I already feel healthier, now onto looking good too!

I keep saying that I’ll be blogging more here and I really hope to as I work through the next phase of my career. I’ll keep sharing my thoughts, but more importantly, I’ll be asking questions and (hopefully) participating in the conversation.

11 thoughts on “What’s up with Scott?”

  1. Congratulations and Best Wishes on your married life.
    Looking forward to your next venture launch. Let me know if you need alpha users?

  2. Scott – Don filled me in on the wedding news. Congrats! Really excited for you.

    Looking forward to catching up one of these days, good luck with the new co.

  3. Scott, Congrats Congrats on your wedding! That’s awesome 😉

    If you’re ever down in San Diego, give us a shout! love to catch up with ya!
    Great news on your launch as well !

    all the best –

  4. Scott, congratulations on getting married. Screw the State, they can call it what they want – the cause and effect are the same. Love rules!

    Looking forward to hearing about what your new venture will be, best of luck with it.

  5. Hey, Scott.

    Congrats to you and Craig, at last!!!

    Definitely keep us informed about your new venture. And let me know if you’re ever in the Seattle area. Brooke and I would love to catch up!


  6. Can I be honest? (I hope so.)

    Never saw that coming! I had you figured for a family man with a blonde (female) wife and three kids. I have a very poor sense of irony too. 🙂

    Congrats on the marriage Scott and the new business! As I’ve told you many times I expect more great things from you, the first guy at a mainstream Internet company to bet big on RSS.

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