Valleywag and Steve Jobs

It’s amazing to me to note how much Valleywag has become a “must-read”. Almost everyone I know reads Valleywag on a daily basis and even those that won’t admit it later give themselves away with a “I heard that…” quote that came right off of the Valley’s gossip rag. Even more amazing is how often the rumors are right. Now that we all read it, I guess that means many more tipsters and people to correct the mistakes.

While I’ve been thinking about the Valleywag phenomenon lately, I got an up close and personal reminder on my drive home yesterday. I was driving 280 north and a Silver Mercedes SL 55 passed me. I’m a fan of that car (actually, I lust after it), so I paid attention. Then I noticed the license plate was missing and in its place was a bar code. Hey, I read about that on Valleywag – everyone was stealing Steve Jobs plates, so they put a bar code on instead. Was that Steve Jobs? Well traffic changed and I was able to pass him and it was indeed Steve Jobs. If it wasn’t for valleywag, I probably wouldn’t have taken a second look, but well, Nick Denton has turned me into a valley-star-stalker.

P.S. SL 55’s must be the standard issue for valley execs, at least 4 high level execs at Yahoo drive them. Maybe one day…

8 thoughts on “Valleywag and Steve Jobs”

  1. how sad scott, is this the goal of your life? to drive a mercedes sl55? stop by my cube and i’ll write you a check for one so you can die in peace.

  2. to anonymous commenter #2, I’ll happily take that check, just let me know your cube #…

    And a SL55 is hardly the goal of my life. But it would be a nice car to ride in on my way to life’s goals…

  3. Scott,

    There is an SL65 now. If you’re into cars, you should check out Y! Autos sometime.

    To be fair, we used to have a Y! shortcut for “SL55”, but something about editorial rules or minimum CTR … you know how it is. So we couldn’t keep it in our IY feed. Such is life.

  4. This is awesome. Call me a fanboy, but this is not about the mercedes, but STEVE JOBS……………..I would’ve frozen at the wheel, if i were in your shoes. Glad for you!

  5. shurly you a good second hand Ferrari (chose one of the cyrently out of favor ones and its an investment)

    German super cars are a bit Socialist orker for my taste 🙂

  6. You’ve GOT to be joking me right?
    They’re all a bunch of scum bags..
    Seriously….. They’d trash you in a MINUTE scott……

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