Which conferences / meetups / unconferences should I attend?

As I mentioned, I’m trying to get out more and hit a few more confereces. I see it as a good chance to meet people and maybe learn a thing or two.

However, I always find it hard to decide which ones to go to (I’m not one of those perennial conference-goers). So far, I’m heading to:

  • Web 2.0 (in April in SF)
  • EconSM (in April in LA)

And I’ve been thinking about Gel in NYC. Any others? later in the year? Which are you going to?

4 thoughts on “Which conferences / meetups / unconferences should I attend?”

  1. Why not do them all? When I was in the “real” (read business) I tried to get to as many as time would allow. Sure some were as boring or stupid as heck but met some people eventually networking with them and did learn a little. And I would guess in you new gig getting out there can’t hurt.

  2. In June I’ll be joining my peeps on the Yahoo! Teachers Team at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta.

    If you want to meet some really incredible teachers and see how they’re using social media in the classroom, come on down!

    And Scott, if you act now, I’ll throw in the Georgia heat and humidity for free! Yep! That’s two for one! 😉

  3. Hmm, I recommend the carson workshops’ FoWA, for the inspiration and insights, and CodeCon, for the unpolished bare-metal hackness of it all. The former inspired me to quit my last job and the latter rekindled my interest in massively decentralized systems.

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