I’m hiring (or more accurately, we’re hiring)

You may have seen the notes from Daniel, Chad, Bradley or Jeremy, but our part of Yahoo is hiring (like crazy) and we’re looking for the best and brightest to come join our team.

As you may remember, I run a group called Advanced Products at Yahoo!, and I’m lucky enough to be in the position to hire a lot of people. We’re looking for passionate, execution-oriented people who love to build great products (at the version 1.0-level) and who have the experience, skills and smarts to make our team even better than it already is. We’re looking for all types:

  • Engineers – you have great experience launching products, love working on bright team and have the technical chops to go with it. We code in all sorts of ways (depends on the project), but we do a lot in AJAX/HTML/PHP/MySql.
  • Designers – you’ve designed and launched products from idea generation and prototyping to understanding users, designing wireframes and creating visual design comps. You should have a strong understanding of user-centered design principles, excellent visual design skills and an entrepreneurial approach to designing, building, and launching products.
  • Product Managers – you’ve launched products big and small and now you are ready to roll your sleeves up and be part of an entrepreneurial team. You get excited about products and how to market them and can’t wait to launch your next big success. We need someone to guide the product from end to end – idea to launch to eventual handoff to our business units.

And it’s not just my own team looking, its all of the Advanced Development Division (Bradley’s team) so you can work alongside the people that brought you Mixd, Yahoo! Pipes, Yahoo! Podcasts, Hack Day, Flickr, and many more kickass products.

Drop us a line using this address: add-jobs [at] yahoo-inc [dot] com

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