Dusting off the blog…

So ever since I started this new job, I’ve been very bad at posting to my blog. It’s partially because what I’ve been working on isn’t always ready to share with you all and its partially because I’ve been busier than normal lately. I’ve been to India three times in the last few months, travelled a lot here at home and work’s been crazy.

Anyway, I’m trying (once again) to dust off the blog and start writing more. I constantly get ideas and say “I should blog about that”, so… maybe I should. 😉

To get me in the spirit, I changed WordPress themes to Subtle by Glued Ideas. I debated between this one and Glossy Blue by N. Design, i think I might just randomly switch back and forth from time to time. I like Subtle because it is based on WordPress Sidebar Widgets and incorporates FeedFlare right into it. For the first time ever, I didn’t have to crack the php code in my text editor. While WordPress still isn’t what I’d call “easy” it is getting much better.

I kept the header photo with this theme, although Subtle makes it less bright (losing a little of the luster). I took that photo on my walk to the beach in Provincetown on Cape Cod. I love the green wild grass and the lighthouse in the distance.

Anyway, I look forward to giving this a whirl again.

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