Palm 750 – I’ve been using it since October

Today I stumbled across the announcement of the new Palm Treo 750.

Back in October, I asked our mobile team here for a Windows Mobile phone to do some testing. Their response “oh, here’s one take it”. It was a Treo 750. While I love gadgets, I hadn’t read about the 750, so I didn’t even know it was an unreleased demo phone I was using. I thought it was just a new phone that I didn’t know about yet. Kinda cool that I got a three month advance on everyone. Thanks Yahoo!

Well, anyway, I have to say I instantly fell in love with the Treo 750. I own a 650 and the 750 seemed to fix all the things that annoy me about my 650. It is lighter, it has a rubberized case, so I don’t have to get an extra “skin”, and it is slightly thinner. All of these things accompish my number one goal: make it fit in my pocket more easy. The phone I used had Windows Mobile on it, and while it was fast and reliable, I really do not like Windows Mobile. Microsoft continues to misunderstand the market completely. The start menu is a horrible way to change apps. Palm does it much better and I’ve seen others do it much better (Blackberry’s scroll wheel comes to mind). Using this phone made me realize that I will never use Windows Mobile.

Now, I’ll just have to wait for the 750p with Palm OS, and then I’ll be lining up at the store…