MyBlogLog as a conversation starter…

It’s all the buzz around the blogosphere, but we acquired MyBlogLog.

I’ve known about this for months and I’m excited that it is finally done and announced. Bradley has a great post about it as did many, many people.

As a blogger, I love this concept. It’s a great way to see who’s come by and is a great conversation starter. (for example, I saw that Scott Rafer, CEO of MyBlogLog came by to visit my site – I know him and I was able to drop a note and say hi).

There was an internal hack at one hack day here at Yahoo that played with the same idea. I was able to see who came by to look at our internal Wiki pages. It was a great way to find people who were interested in my projects (and talk to them about it).

As much as we say that blogs are “social media”, they aren’t really “live” unless people comment. MyBlogLog solves that. Obviously, we have a lot to do to hook this into the greater Yahoo community, but I’m optimistic about this. Over the last year, Yahoo has launched many little widgets for people’s blogs, I’d hope we figure out how to combine MyBlogLog with all of those as an option (kinda like how feedburner combined FeedFlare into their blog stats package).

Anyway, I added MyBlogLog over there to the right, so be sure to join my community and let me see that you came by.

2 thoughts on “MyBlogLog as a conversation starter…”

  1. It will be interesting to see the changes that come out of this. There are lots of things that need dire improvement within the MyBlogLog platform and I actually think Yahoo might be able to push forth some of those directives to ensure that communities longevity.

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