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Seems like a busy day today, but I’m psyched that we can finally talk about the news about WordPress and Yahoo! Web Hosting. Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress) announces the WordPress on Yahoo deal.

What this means is that if you sign up for Yahoo! Web Hosting, you can now get WordPress in a one-click signup. No need to download a zip file and FTPing it or anything. Also, Yahoo! will make sure you are running the latest WordPress and will automatically upgrade you to the latest rev (you can turn this off if you don’t like the idea). So now you can concentrate on blogging instead of loading software.

I was amongst the first alpha testers and this blog is powered by WordPress on Y! Hosting. This whole blog wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the integration announced today. It really was easy and its nice being able to focus on the things I care about: the content and the design, not where files should live and do I have the latest version.

The Hosting team also did a similar deal with Moveable Type last week, so if you prefer that, its just as easy. (although I personally prefer the simplicity and extensibility of WordPress).

Great job Matt (WP), Guy (Y!) and both teams!

4 thoughts on “WordPress + Yahoo!”

  1. I was wondering what you experience has been with Yahoo as far as installing worpress plug-ins that don’t come installed with their pre-packed plan (assuming you’ve had to do this. Has been a fairly painless process? What types of fees have you encountered?


  2. There are no fees since WordPress is opensource and those plugins are free and Yahoo doesn’t charge.

    It is relatively easy. You download the plugin from the web and follow the instructons the plugin site gave. Usually its just unzipping the file, and FTPing the folder to a certain place. Not seamless, but certainly easy if you follow the steps.

    I installed a plugin to create an email form and it worked instantly. I was pleased.

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