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Yesterday, we put out TWO new products.    One was the much blogged about/talked about RSS Reader in the new Yahoo! Mail.    The other, was the ability to get IM, SMS or Email alerts to any RSS Feed out there.   We call it Feed/Blog Alerts and its live now on

If you have never used Yahoo! Alerts, its a service that allow you to get real-time updates sent to your mobile phone, email or Yahoo! Messenger with triggers you specify like: Stock prices go above/below a limit, your favorite sports team wins/loses a game, the snow at your favorite Ski resort is perfect, etc…

So it made a lot of sense to want this feature: “send me an alert whenever this RSS feed updates”.    And that’s what we launched yesterday.   It works with ANY RSS/Atom/RDF feed so that means you can get notified of pretty much whatever you want.

So there are lot of cool ways to use Feed Alerts, but I’ll share with you how I’ve been using the service (I’ve been testing it for about a month now):

  • Blogs that update infrequently – I don’t like to clutter up My Yahoo! with feeds that don’t update too often, so I subscribe to an email alert for those feeds.   If that feed only updates once every few weeks, I’ll get it by email when it does.  
  • Stuff I need to know right away – like a Craigslist search for something I’ve been hunting around for a while or today’s sale on Woot!.
  • My own blog’s comment feed – ok so maybe I’m a little too new at this, but I love to know when I have comments, send it right to my phone please!

How will you use it?  Let me know in the comments. 

Also, since it was popular on the mail post, here are some screen shots, be sure to go check it out at …

Yahoo! Alerts Home Page
(see the Feed/Blog BETA option)

Alerts Home Page

 The Signup Screen
(you can enter the feed URL, or pick from your MyY! choices, also note you can pick the delivery options like “as it happens” and email, messenger, mobile)


Yahoo! Messenger Alert

(for a Yahoo! News RSS feed)


Alert via Email
(this one is a daily digest of all updates from RotoWire’s RSS feed

Sample Email Alert

So anyway, take a look. After a few days using it, I think you’ll find yourself moving some feeds out of your aggregator and into alerts.

Also, stay tuned, we’re working on an integration of the Add to My Yahoo button and alerts, so you can get your users to signup for alerts right from your site.

11 thoughts on “RSS Alerts”

  1. My family uses a photo service – – that allows RSS feeds of photo gallery updates. So I can get an alert to my phone everytime there are new pictures of my cute nieces and nephews! I gotta get my in-laws up and running on this – baby photos are like crack for grandparents. 🙂

  2. Scott, came across your blog through a web search looking for stock price alerts. I use Yahoo’s stock alerts and really like them, but it’s limited to only 20 alerts.

    1) Would love to see far more than that.

    2) Would also like to see a little box where I can type a note to myself to remind me of what interested me about that given stock

    3) Would like to be able to get the alerts by RSS

  3. Hey Scott, how do I do what you did with Craigslist? I saw the “Best of Craigslist” but didnt see a feed where I could do searches on items.


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