Off to Syndicate

This week is the Syndicate Conference in San Francisco.   When I went to the first Syndicate in May in NYC, I was floored at the idea that there would even be a whole conference dedicated to content syndication/RSS.   When we started working on RSS here, Dave Winer had just launched RSS 2.0 we weren’t sure of where this was all going.   There was only a small crowd of people in the “RSS community”.  

Fast forward to today, there are millions of people using RSS, companies are joining the RSS fray everyday and these conferences are usually packed with people.   Its gratifying to see this kind of growth and consumers are clearly benefiting from all the innovation that’s happening.

I’ll be giving a keynote on Wednesday.  As with any conference like this, I want to make sure I’m addressing the audience – be it publishers or industry types – so I’ll be paying close attention to the people in attendance tomorrow and the questions they raise.   Currently, I’m planning to walk through how we’ve gotten from those early days to where we are today, some successful examples of using RSS and where I think this might all be heading.

If you are attending, please be sure to drop by and say hello. 

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