My Syndicate 2005 Presentation

At last week’s Syndicate conference, I got the chance to give a lunchtime keynote in front of about 200-300 attendees (its hard to count while you are presenting 😉 ).

I walked through the work my team has been doing around RSS, gave a demo of the new Yahoo! Mail beta, and talked a little bit about where this might all be going in the future.

In my blog comments, Rafael Sidi asked me to post my slides online and I thought that those of you who couldn’t attend would like to check them out.

A few things to note:

  • Slide #2 – “That’s who I am who are you?” – was a note to myself to ask the audience if they were publishers, marketers, tech industry folks or bloggers. The room was, surpisingly, pretty equally split amongst those types with the largest group being people who didn’t want to raise their hands.
  • 2005 Moving RSS beyond the start page – Even I was wowed when I put all of our RSS related launches onto one slide. So many launches! More than one RSS launch each month of 2005.
  • Overall, I filled in a lot of points with talking, so it’ll be hard to completely tell what I was saying, I don’t know if someone recorded it, but if you know tell me and I’ll post it here.
  • Important URLs mentioned: , ,, ,

Download it here:
Scott Gatz’s Keynote Presentation – Syndicate Dec 2005 (PDF)

10 thoughts on “My Syndicate 2005 Presentation”

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  2. Scott,

    Well done. Question. Do you feel that Yahoo! having Semel and others from the “media” world has had a substantial impact on Yahoo! embracing of syndication? Or do you feel it would have happened regardless?


  3. Tom, I think it would have happened regardless. There are enough people here that truly that helping people get what they want (even if its off of Yahoo) makes Yahoo! a better place for everyone and a better business too.

    But clearly, Terry and others “get” the idea of why this is important and have been incredibly supportive of this whole initiative. If you didn’t hear Terry’s interview at Web 2.0, see if you can find a transcript, you’ll see how he sees this all fitting together.

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  6. thx to let the presentation available. I will do a presentation too to my school, I will tell some references come from you !

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