Nonsense Comment Spam

Ok, so I so kinda understand why people would spam blog comments. They hope to drive traffic to their site by either increasing pagerank or getting people to click on the links. But in the last few weeks, I’ve been getting tons of very similar comment spam. They all come from different IP addresses but list a jibberish sentence in the comment:

It’s been a long time since I so enjoyed reading posts in the net. Two thumbs up! thins that excited you at 14, substances that cure you , my parents didnt told me about it

Those last 3 phrases have links that go to Sun, Adobe, Panasonic and Yahoo! None of these companies (I hope) would be hiring someone to increase their PR, so I’m completely baffled as to what’s going on.

The only crazy idea I can come up with is that the spammers are using some sort of learning technique to figure out what will go through filters and what will get blacklist. Once they learn the technique, then they swap the URLS? Does anyone know?

7 thoughts on “Nonsense Comment Spam”

  1. I’m starting to think it’s because they’ve finally gone completely insane. Most spammers can’t be right in the head in the first place – otherwise they’d just get themselves proper jobs.

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  3. Nice useful and informative article, but still i think Spam Filtering may reduce the number of spam for a short while but you cant say that it is an ultimate solution to Spamming. The reason is that the Spammers are aware of these filtering techniques whether it is Filtering with SK or some other. There are many websites available that are providing the information on Anti-Spamming Solutions but most of this information is either irrelevant or not useful. I have recently visited a website that I would like to suggest Spam-Filtering, Comment Spam Website

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