NYC conferences: BlogOn and Empowering Brands Conference

I’m heading out to New York for two conferences where I’ll be speaking.

The first is BlogOn 2005 on Monday & Tuesday (10/17 & 10/18). I’ve been on their advisory panel and I’m also speaking at a session. Last year’s blog on was a great event, but clearly targeted to the industry types talking to ourselves. This year, BlogOn aimed for a broader audience and attracted more media/advertising/publisher types to balance the crowd out. I’m very interested to see how the interaction turns out this year.

The second conference is part of a series called Empowering Brands Conference and its audience is largely Ad Execs and publishers. The topic is “Personalization: The Next Big Thing”. As you might guess, I completely disagree with the title. Personalization is already big. In so far as “One-to-one marketing” was the “next big thing” in 1994 – then this is old news to marketers and ad execs. However, I do look forward to sharing a little of our view of personalization with this audience – and get them to focus on putting the consumer in the center of the experience – not themselves.

If you are in NY and will be at either conference, be sure to say hi.