My first post…or why a new blog for me

I’ve been blogging in one way or another for a couple of years, but every blog (until this one) has been a place to keep in touch with my friends and family or simply record things that I would otherwise forget about. My first blog was a travelogue, recording every detail about trips I took and places I visited so I could recall them when friends asked. My second blog is still (kinda) active and lives on Yahoo! 360. That blog is really for my friends and family and of late has focused on the work I’m doing on my backyard patio (exciting huh?).

So now comes this new blog. This time, I’m trying something new – a blog that might actually be read by people I don’t know personally (yet). And I’ll likely focus on more stuff about my professional life and the tech and internet industry at large.

My goals for this blog:

  • Write down my thoughts – I constantly am thinking about things, but they are “in one ear and out the other”. I’d like to have an excuse and a place to capture those
  • Be a better writer – they say that to become a better writer you need to write more. so there.
  • At least two posts a week – ok, so I’m aiming low, but I want to actually make it past my third post

What you’ll see here:

  • Things I’m learning about, especially more on being an effective manager
  • Things I’m questioning – I’d love to pose questions and get thoughts from you all
  • Bragging about my coworkers – there is so much cool stuff happening at work that I would love to share
  • Notable stuff in the tech/internet industry – I won’t usually be the first to point things out, but hopefully I’ll add an interesting thought or two.

What you won’t see here:

  • Secret stuff about Yahoo! strategy or what could potentially become strategy – I’m a bit paranoid about sharing something that competitors might use to our disadvantage.
  • Trashing my company, competitors or other companies – enough people are good at that, I’ll try to focus on the good stuff (although sometimes I won’t be able to contain myself)

Anyway, i’ve written enough, I hope you enjoy what you read here and more importantly, I hope you join the conversation. Use that comment form down there 😉

5 thoughts on “My first post…or why a new blog for me”

  1. HI Scott,

    I am very impressed by your site and blogs. I am motivated to start my own site and blog.
    1) Which blog software are using to power this site.
    2) how I can copyright my blogs and be familar with legal issues around blogging.

    I appreaciate your time

    – Ashish

  2. Nice blog! Great to see passion about Yahoo, RSS, and work in general …

    I worked briefly on the coordination of Windows Live Spaces and Alerts integration testing, and am fascinated to learn more about the different ways in which people learn from each other’s blogs in social settings and also share work related information.

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