Overheard at work – big company moment

It’s rare that I hear overly dilbert-esque things at work, but just a few minutes ago, I walked by two people who were staring at a desktop PC’s tower which was laying sidewise on a desk and seemed to have some sort of mud on it (really).

I didn’t hear the question, but the person I knew must have asked something like “can I actually get a desktop computer that isn’t muddy”…

And the IT person (my assumption) said:

Well, let me ask my manager and manager’s manager to see what we can or can’t do

Funny enough, I was on my way down to the post office on campus to mail my taxes – I dutifully filled out four forms to mail off my check to the IRS & California. Hopefully that’ll be my last big company moment today.

2 thoughts on “Overheard at work – big company moment”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out who’s lamer: the IT minion who wasn’t sure how to go about getting permission or the Yahoo who was above cleaning it himself.

  2. If a computer was delivered to my desk with mud on it, I would first take a picture of it. Second, I would record some serial #’s. Third, I would return to sender requesting a mud free computer. What a hoot. Am i a Yahoo? Nope! Don’t give me a computer with mud on it. That is madness!


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