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Very cool news tonight…we announced that the team is now part of Yahoo. More info is on the search blog and on Andy’s

At work we talk a lot about how media is fundamentally shifting to social media. The more we can put power in the hands of the community and put consumers at the center of the experience, the more rich and interesting the experience can be. The more that people use the services, the better they become. Upcoming is just that kind of service and I can’t wait to see how this integrates with Yahoo Local over time.

Congrats to the local team and to Andy, Gordon and Leonard. Welcome aboard!

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  1. Scott … your name popped up in a conversation I was having with someone the other day and I thought I’d find out what you were up to at Yahoo! and ran across your blog.

    Drop me an email … would like to get your opinion on something when you have some time and to just catch up in general.

    Hope you’re well.


  2. Yes, yes, exciting news indeed! There are literally limitless opportunities and integration point for Upcoming. Not just in local, but across Yahoo, and the web overall.

    Scott, congrats on the new blog and look forward to some interesting discussions…

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