Latest from my team: Y! Kickstart + $25,000

My blog has been a little quiet of late, mostly because my team has been heads down on building out three new products. You’ll hear more about the others (one is code named freeagle) in the coming weeks, but today is Y! Kickstart’s day. Y! Kickstart is a professional network with a specific purpose: to […]

Where is the wierdest place you’ve had a meeting?

I like to have one-on-one meetings in more casual settings, and anyone who works with me has probably heard me say “let’s take a walk and get coffee” (meaning a walk to the local barista for a cappuchino). Dave and I often do walks around South Park for our meetings. In our Sunnyvale office, I’ve […]

ZoneTag now works on fancy phones…

My team in Berkeley just launched a new version of ZoneTag for Nokia 3rd Edition phones. So, that means if you’ve got a fancy N90, N70 or whatever, your phone can now seamlessly upload geo-tagged photos to flickr. If you don’t know about ZoneTag, you should. On its surface, it is a great mobile photo […]

Keep Facebook Fun! or No, I won’t be your friend.

After a year or two of “social network fatigue”, a new network is spreading virally again: Facebook. Everyone’s talking about how Facebook is spreading (again) like wildfire. A couple of years ago, it spread through colleges around the US and a staggering majority of college students now have a facebook. Now, the old people are […]

Valleywag and Steve Jobs

It’s amazing to me to note how much Valleywag has become a “must-read”. Almost everyone I know reads Valleywag on a daily basis and even those that won’t admit it later give themselves away with a “I heard that…” quote that came right off of the Valley’s gossip rag. Even more amazing is how often […]

Mark Zuckerburg: You need a new PR rep

Dear Mark, I watch the Today show nearly every day, and I saw you on the Today Show today. A coup I’m sure to get onto America’s #1 morning show being interviewed by Meredith Viera. You even brought your mom and sister in tow. So kudos to your PR team for getting that setup. But […]

Ok, Google Analytics, I take it back

When Google first acquired MeasureMap (and hired Jeffrey Veen), I wrote this post called: Really? Measure Map + Google. Google hasn’t had a great history digesting acquisitions (neither has my company) and I was concerned that Google would screw this up. Also, while I saw potential in MeasureMap, I didn’t think it met the expectations […]

Why do you people always say that?

Last week at Web 2.0, Yahoo hosted a dinner at LuLu’s and invited about 50 people (yahoos and people from around the industry). I enjoy these things, they are always a good way to meet new people, hear different persectives on the industry and get the word out about what we are up to here. […]

Cool new ads (did I really say that?)

I’ve just returned from my vacation in France and can finally catch up on blogging again. We had a long layover in London, so we took the Express train into Paddington Station and on the way back, I saw an amazing ad. I had read about these before, but had never seen it. I looked […]

Reasons to Not Not Start a Startup

Bradley attended Berkeley’s startup school last weekend and mentioned that he enjoyed Paul Graham’s talk about what it takes to start your own startup. Paul wrote up notes from that talk (and another similar one) into one of his essays. His essays are usually a good read but really long and this one is no […]